BLOW by Juan Capilla

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Κωδικός: 02.00310

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Blow is an effect based on a classic transposition of four cards taken to the next level!
It reffers to a revolutionary method that allows you to change cards without touching them and therefore in a very visual and the best of it... just by blowing them!

Normally, in a transposition´s effect you can´t show the faces of the cards that are about to change but with Blow you can!

Imagine being able to place the two red Queens facing down on the table, and alongside to place the two black Queens but these two will be facing up so, the spectator will watch the whole time the two black Queens facing up on top of the table and just by blowing the two Queens will change places!
Just like that, that visual and that straight forward!

Before and after of the change you will be able to show every part of the cards without having anything to worry about, just place them on the table and when you blow...they will change and you will be able to show clearly the front and back, once again without having anything to be worried about!
By having Blow you are going to be able to use many different routines of card´s transposition that are very visual and very straight forward.You can perform this in a table, standing up or even on the hands of the spectator.

- You will be abe to show them at all times, the front and the back of the cards!! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HIDE ANYTHING!!
- The change is absolutely under your control.
- Instant reset. So, at the moment that you finish your routine you are already ready for the next table!
- Different versions for being able to perform on tables, by doing stand up or just on the hands of the spectator.

What do you receive?
You will receive a high quality hand made-gimmick ready to be used.
It won´t be necessary to build or to assemle anything, just follow the video instructions and you will be ready to use Blow.
You will also receive spare matherial that can be used as a back up.