BRIX by Mr. Pearl and Arcana

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Mr. Pearl's newest release - BRIX

A great prediction effect with Lego figures, for kids and adults! 

The spectator freely shuffles, freely folds, but the prediction holds! 

Unique, unsuspecting, and the surprising finale is sure to make your spectator's jaw drop! 

"A trick that allows you to truly understand how beautiful reinterpreting a classic is!" 

- Charming Choi 

"I am always impressed by Mr. Pearl's approach of classics. I purchased two sets for myself at FISM 2018, but one of my magician friends wanted it so badly, so I gave it to him. You must buy it if you are looking for a cute, wonderful and attractive trick!" 
- Yuki Tomo 

"This is a wonderful trick. Not only uses a very clever principle (one of my favorites). It's very commercial, funny, and easy to do. I love BRIX!" 
- Woody Aragon 


- Lego figure - 1 of 2 types (pirate or princess sent randomly) 
- Card packet