Color Changing Deck by Gianfranco Preverino

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Κωδικός: 02.00314
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The magician opens a blue box of playing cards and takes out the deck. The spectator chooses a card which is placed face up on the table. After a magical gesture, the back of the card turns red! This card is then placed on the blue deck and, a moment later, the back of the second card also turns red! The magician then snaps his fingers and spreads the cards in a ribbon on the table: now all the backs are red! Finally, even the case changes color and turns from blue to red! A succession of very visual magical moments!

  • The cards are poker size.
  • Everything needed to present the effect is supplied.
  • The video instructions are provided through a link. They are in English, but easy to follow even for those who do not speak this language.