Tube Of Wonders

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With this magic tube, fixed on a base, the magician can do wonders ... under the astonished eyes of the audience!

Here are some examples:

- He shows the tube and one at a time pushes 3 silks in it, then without suspicious moves, immediately pulls them out knotted together.
- He cuts a rope into several pieces that that are put into the tube and immediately pulls out the completely restored rope.
- He shows the empty tube and instantly makes it fill with sponge balls.
- He puts three white silks in the tube and turns them into colored silks.
- He puts an object into the tube and transforms it, in an instant and under everyone s eyes, into another object.

In short, let your imagination run wild!

• The effect is innovative and simple to perform.
• The working is automatic and the transformations appearances, and vanishes very fast and illusive.
• The item is well constructed in plastic. It is 18.8cm tall and the tube diameter is 6.4cm.