Watch This by Rex

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Κωδικός: 02.00309
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The first gimmick of the magician Hyun-Seok Kim, known as Rex, has finally come out!
He was reluctant to reveal it because he used this gimmick for a long time on stage. Moreover, it contains know-how that he’s been using in competitions and performances over 7 years. Finally we can offer it to you!

A playing card is transformed, in an instant, into a watch that the magician will immediately wear on his wrist!

As it is also a fashion item, the design is lovely.
A luxurious design matches any outfit.
You can show it to anyone, anywhere after the performance.
Just 5 seconds are needed for set-up and anyone can easily demonstrate it.
If you want to a super visual effect on the stage or even close-up.
Great for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!